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Users with older iPhone models are in for a pleasant surprise with the release of the iOS 9.2.1 update. More than just a maintenance development, it adds newfound speed to older models of iPhone in addition to fixing bugs and improving security.

The update’s speed boost is evident in many areas of function. YouTube lovers can load and watch videos with more speed and capability of an iPhone 4 operating on iOS 8.4.1. The phone model will also boot and load applications faster thanks to the iOS 9 update.

Although the update has been well-received for the most part, it has not gone unchallenged. The update is only compatible with models released in the last two years. Older iPhones can install the 9.2.1 update but will have to forfeit some features … unless they upgrade to a newer model.

The disabling of certain features has led to an uproar among users, claiming that the update is just a strategy to push the sales of new iPhone models. Some took it as far as filing a class action lawsuit against the gadget giant, alleging they were misled into thinking that the update worked perfectly on iPhone 4s.

To build their case, users filing the lawsuit have included documents that Apple used as part of their marketing campaign. In these documents, Apple promises users a faster, responsive experience compared to the iOS 8.

The complainants not only refute statements made about iOS 9’s performance but that the company was aware of its faults all along. Apple has since released its mobile OS, which promises to deliver for older models what the iOS 9 could not.