Can Patchworks' ITG Screen Protector Prevent iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate?

By Anu Passary, Tech Times | January 5, 8:20 AM


The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were besieged with the notorious "Bendgate" issue in 2014, but this year will be another story as Patchworks Inc. has devised a new screen protector - ITG Edge - which will prevent the smartphone screens against any damage.


The ITG Edge screen protector is made of tempered glass and will be released in January 2015. The screen protector uses advanced technology and makes smartphones durable, scratch resistant and sturdy.


"We're proud of our latest breakthrough in premium tempered-glass screen protection. The all-new 'ITG Edge' product is the definition of complete screen protection," said Kunhee Shim, CEO of Patchworks Inc. "Our patent-pending technology is changing the landscape of the screen protection industry."


The ITG Edge provides protection thanks to the tempered glass, which covers a smartphone from the top as well as on all the edges. Those worried about the fit of the screen protector need not worry either as the liquid silicone on the edges ensures a perfect fit.


What makes the 0.4 mm thick screen protector durable and able to withstand pressure is that it is made of ITG glass that has the maximum level of hardness i.e. 9H. This hardness ensures that the common issue of scratched screens does not occur as the Asahi glass on the ITG Edge is able to withstand even knife marks and key scratches.


Tests conducted by Patchworks show that the 11g of tempered glass sheet can guard against de-shaping by almost 45 percent. Another good thing about these screen protectors is that they are smooth to touch and do not detract from the feel of the smartphone.

At the International CES 2015, Patchworks will show off the ITG Edge screen protector for the iPhone 6. The company is also expected to release the product for the iPhone 6 Plus, as well as popular Android smartphones.

Patchworks has sold over 1.2 million screen protectors in Japan and will now foray into the U.S. market. The ITG Edge screen protector for the iPhone 6 will cost $39, whereas that for the iPhone 6 Plus will be priced at $45.

Check out Patchworks' range of screen protectors for Apple products here.

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