Get Patchwork’s Air Strap For Your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is designed to do many things, but not so much if it doesn’t get put on. And if the strap isn’t comfortable, that’s exactly what happens. Patchwork’s Air Strap aims to correct that by providing a replacement watch strap that is not only utilitarian in what it does, but comfortable while being worn.

Composed from two materials, the strap mates genuine leather with a thermal polyurethane. The results is a strap that is durable, yet flexible and lightweight without being flimsy. But there’s more, and this goes to the heart of the issue of being worn. The Air Strap is so designed as to allow air to penetrate and pass through — there is no blockage of air flow as is the case with other straps. Through this intentional Tunner design, the wrist (a.k.a., skin) which is beneath the strap is allowed to “breathe.” Or to put it another way, sweat won’t be collecting as would otherwise be the case from the normal act of use over time (but it’s not designed for being worn while strenuously exercising, so keep that in mind). So removing the Apple Watch to wipe off the wrist because it’s feeling clammy is far less likely to happen. To put it most simply, it means the Apple Watch can be put on and left on as those concerns noted above no longer have a grip on things.

The Air Strap for Apple Watch 42mm Series 1 / Series 2 has a straightforward classic shape that well compliments the Apple Watch, comes in assorted colors (the brown and grey both have a strong look) and fits both series 1 and 2, providing they’re the 42mm size.  The retail cost is $49.95. A correct sized screwdriver is included because Patchworks knows that few keep tiny screwdrivers on hand (or in the toolbox). Full instructions for changing over to the Air Strap are provided and they’re not involved either.

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