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Patchworks: 360-Degree Epic iPhone Protection without Breaking the Bank


It's all in the details—that's what I've found when it comes to picking the right screen protector for my iPhone. Patchworks has your bases covered with its fantastically diverse line of screen protectors. Designed to work perfectly with the equally awesome ITG Level Case ($14.95), each Patchworks screen protector comes with its own perks. Combine the screen protector you prefer with the ITG Level Case, and your device will have ultra protection from every angle. The case complies with US military standard 810G and can survive many four-foot drops—all without adding unnecessary bulk. Plus, regardless of your iPhone model, whether the latest iPhone 7 or an older iPhone 5, Patchworks has a case and screen protector designed for your device. 

Patchworks understands that everyone is looking for something different when it comes to screen protectors. Some people prefer a full-coverage option, others like to leave room for a case. Others choose privacy screens so people can’t look at their content. And for some, maximum protection from the elements is a top priority. Patchworks' line of screen protectors covers each one of these preferences. We’ll go over each below. But first, check out the ITG Level Case that’s designed to work with whichever Patchworks screen protector you prefer.

ITG Level Case ($14.95)

Available in black, red, and white colors, the ITG Level Case from Patchworks is practically a steal. For less than $20, you’re going to get a case that’s good enough for the US military—standard 810G to be exact. Patchworks took it 26 steps further, however, by dropping an iPhone 26 consecutive times at different angles with the ITG Level Case from four feet. The iPhone remained unscathed. The matte finish is on par with current trends while the cases’ texture allows you to solidly grip your phone. By far the most impressive part to me is how much protection you get without added bulk. No one wants their iPhone to be unnecessarily clunky, and Patchworks manages to provide lots of protection in a sleek, slim case.

*Any of the following ITG screen protectors will work perfectly with the ITG level case above.

Maximum Strength:

ITG Silicate Glass Screen Protector ($19.95)

Made with Alumino-Silicate glass, this tempered glass screen protector is 40–60% stronger than normal tempered glass screen protectors without the silicate layer. It’s anti-shatter and scratch-resistant, so your screen will shine through like the screen protector isn’t even there.

Full Coverage:

ITG Full Cover Screen Protector ($19.95)

Do you prefer a screen protector that covers the front of your iPhone edge to edge? This full coverage option uses a smudge-resistant coating so fingerprints will rarely show and easily wipe off, along with 9H hardness for the ultimate in scratch resistance.

Privacy Protection:

ITG Privacy Screen Protector ($15.95)

This screen protector covers your LCD screen specifically, leaving a small lip around the edges, which is helpful if you use a variety of cases. But this screen protector offers privacy, meaning if someone is sitting to your left or right, they won’t be able to glance over and see what’s on your iPhone screen. And as always, this screen protector carries the 9H hardness to ensure scratch resistance.

ITG Stealth Screen Protector ($15.95)

Here's another great privacy option. Get top to bottom screen protection plus the security of knowing that no one you’re standing near can simply glance over and see what you’re looking at. And of course, this screen protector also includes 9H hardness for scratch resistance and an oleophobic coating to help prevent fingerprints.

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