Patchworks Pure Shield iPhone 7 Plus Clear Case: Adorable Fusion of Elegance and Protection


My choice for a particular case entirely depends on specific needs. For instance, whenever I wish to flaunt my iPhone without any interference, I prefer to go with a crystal clear case. Apart from letting your iPhone shine through, a good clear case also keeps scratch and minor drops at bay.

But then, not all the clear cases are durable. They are too delicate to survive regular wear and tear. Besides, they lose their charm too early and begin to look like a liability for your smartphone.

Patchworks Pure Shield iPhone 7 Plus Clear Case

Patchworks Pure Shield Case endeavors to walk a different path. It has tried to be both exceptionally sleek and adorably protective. Not to mention, the clear case claims to be highly durable. Does it really succeed in living up to the test in real life test?

Patchworks Pure Shield Transparent Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Form-fitting Profile

The clear case sports a form-fitting profile. The sleek design looks appreciable on the iPhone. Picture-perfect cut-outs for camera, speakers, Lightning port and mute button enrich both the design and user-experience.

iPhone 7 Plus Clear Case by Patchworks

Thanks to the upgraded design the buttons are very responsive. They are easy to press and the required click to make your life easy while using your iPhone. It provides improved grip that helps you hold your smartphone with the desired comfort. It's a very important quality that prevents slip.

The raised lip ensures your iPhone's touchscreen remain protected when it's placed flat on any surface. To be more precise, the front bezel works as a reliable shield for the screen and doesn't let it get harmed when the device meets with accidental drops.

There is also a little Lightning port cap that keeps dust away. Hence, you may not need to clean the port time and again to ensure smooth-sailing charging of your device.

Ultra-Clear and Sleek

Patchworks iPhone 7 Plus Transparent Case

Being ultra-transparent, the case fully allows your smartphone to reveal its elegance without any hindrance. Your desire to showcase your iPhone on full-display should ideally be fulfilled. The soft-textured finish adorns its design. For all being so protective, the case does look sophisticated enough to make your smartphone look appealing to the eyes.

Impact Resistant

The clear case is designed to be impact resistant. The case is equipped to absorb shock and keep your device protected from bumps.

Military Grade Clear Case for iPhone 7 Plus

The dual-layered construction reinforces its strength. It can safely defend your phablet even from ugly scratch. The air vent and solid bumper further boost protection.

High-Grade Material

Pure Shield has been made of high-quality material. Crafted with the finest German polycarbonate and TPU, the clear case is able to retain its premium quality for long. Due mainly to the rich material, it feels very smooth to the touch.

The case keeps fingerprint, grime, dust, and oil away. I'm really impressed with this functionality as such things seriously damage the look of any case. It plays a significant role in keeping the charm of the case intact.


  • Premium material
  • Compact design
  • Protection from impact and scratch
  • Form-fitting


  • Slightly bulky


The Verdict

Having given Patchworks Pure Shield case an in-depth look, I think I'm up for it. There are three qualities like, the high-quality material, form-fitting design and the needed protection that have caught my eyes.

Being available for under $10 (at the time of writing), it's a smart deal that would you love to cash-in-on. I would recommend it to you; only if you are looking for a crystal clear case that can offer the uncompromised safeguard to your device and make a great pair with it.

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