Patchworks Sentinel Case for iPhone 7 Plus: Enchanting Combo of Style and Protection


A smartphone as adorable as iPhone 7 Plus deserves to be given full freedom to showcase its class. To ensure the phablet is able to reveal its elegance in style, I go for a crystal clear case. Making sure the smartphone continues to weave magic without endangering protection from bumps, I prefer a clear case that is strong enough to knock down accidental drops.

There are not too many clear cases that can meet both the aspects—protection and style. The ones which look solid are not attractive enough to catch eyeballs and the ones that try to be sleek end up being too sophisticated to survive regular wear and tear. So which category does Patchworks Sentinel clear case for iPhone 7 Plus belong to?

Patchworks Sentinel iPhone 7 Plus Case

Patchworks Sentinel Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Sentinel clear case really looks pleasing to the eyes thanks to the glossy profile. But has it enough strength to be a trusted bet for iPhone 7 Plus? To find out the concluding answer, it would be apt to take the clear case for an acid test.

Having used Sentinel transparent case around a week and given it a fair amount spin, I'm all geared up to let you know what has stood the case in good stead.

Impressive Two-Piece Design

The first thing that struck a right chord with me when I first had an interaction with Sentinel was the appreciable two-piece design. Crafted with the finest TPU and PC material, the clear case has the quality to last long. The double-layered of construction reinforces its overall strength.

Drop Tested iPhone 7 Plus Case

For all looking so sophisticated, the transparent case can effortlessly withstand accidental drops. Courtesy of the quality material and neat build-up, it provides trusted military-grade safeguard to your iPhone.

Detachable Bumper

The case features a lustrous bumper that absorbs shock. The detachable frame brings more flexibility into the play. For instance, if you want your iPhone to look even more minimalist, the shining frame can fit into your need admirably.

The bumper adds not just more muscle into its armory but also enormously adorns its profile. Besides, it offers the enhanced grip that fits all the contours of your palm.


With the soft-textured surface, the case has a nice feel. The smooth surface is resistant to fingerprint, grime, oil or smudge. As a result, the cover doesn't lose its charm when faced with the real life test.

I always prefer to have a case that can stand up to the task against regular wear and tear. Things like fingerprints and smudge seriously damage the looks of a case and make it too dull. But this clear is very reliable to keep such things away.

Fascinating Match

The transparent case doesn't look bulky at all. It retains the minimalist profile of your smartphone. The effort to meet the both worlds—elegance and durability—has paid off.

Patchworks Clear Case for iPhone 7 Plus

Before settling down on any case, I make sure to check out the pronounced buttons. They must be easy to press and have the better click. I'm pretty satisfied with the covered buttons as they are highly responsive. The precise cutouts for camera, speakers, and port give it a form-fitting look.

As the case is available in five color variants like black, gold, red, rose gold and silver, you won't have any problem with picking out the right companion for your phablet.


The Verdict

Having given a thorough look at all the qualities that Patchworks Sentinel is endowed with, I think I'm pretty much game for it. The one quality, more than anything else, that has moved me is the stunning combo of sophistication and endurance. So, there is no compromise with protection at the cost of charm. And, this is what makes it a good-looking buy!

Being available at under $13, it's comparatively less expensive than many other high-quality clear cases for iPhone 7 Plus.

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