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100% Genuine Materials

Patchworks branded products extensively use Natural materials such as Wood, Leather, Stone or Aluminum.

Patchworks believes best design comes from the nature itself, and we are enthusiastic about products made with natural products. They may look as sharp or smooth as man-made materials, but we certainly believes that they give you more premium look and aesthetic finish.

Some of the natural materials used in our products are -

  • Wood: Teak, Rose, Oak, Ash, Sapele
  • Leather: Crocodile, Snake, Cowhide, Lambskin
  • Stone: Volcanic Stones
  • Aluminum: Aircraft grade Aluminum

Colorant branded products mostly use Created (Man-made) materials such as Polycarbonate, Glass, PU Leather, TPU, Polypropylene, PET and Ultrasuede.

We understand that not everyone likes natural products because they might prefer more durability, glossy finish or functionality of materials. Our goal is to provide products with the highest quality using advantages of Created materials.

Major characteristics of materials that we use include -

  • Polycarbonate: Durable and shock resistant composite
  • Glass: Highest hardness next to Diamond, high transparency ratio
  • PU Leather: Strong against stains, higher durability than genuine leather
  • TPU: Soft and extremely strong against shocks
  • Polypropylene: Similar to Polycarbonate but products can be manufactured as thin as 0.3mm thick
  • PET: High Formability, transparent mainly used for packaging materials
  • Ultrasuede: Similar surface as genuine suede but stain resistant and washable