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Return & Limited Warranty Policy

At Patchworks, our No. 1 mission is to provide quality products and services and overall positive buying experiences for all customers. We proudly produce all of our products with premium materials and detailed craftsmanship. Please feel free to reach us for feedback or product concerns by contacting our Customer Service Team under the Support > Contact link on our homepage or email us at

Return Policy

100% Customer Satisfaction or 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All products purchased directly from are covered by our 30-Day Return Policy. If you are not fully satisfied with our product(s), you may return the product(s) to us within 30 days of purchase for a full product refund. Any manufacturer imperfections or flaws must be brought to our attention, and any warranty claims resulting from these defects made within this 30-day period.

**Please Note, returns/replacements due to damage incurred within 30 days of purchase due to drops or otherwise caused by the customer are ineligible for free shipping. Return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer and replacements will be assessed a location-based shipping and handling fee**

Instructions for Return/Replacement:

Submit an RMA Request with the required information below to via email for approval.

*Order Number:
*Place of Purchase:
*Shipping Address:
*Description of Defect/Damage/Reason:
**Attachment Image of defective or damaged product(s) with Serial Number on box.

Once submitted, please allow 24 hours for our Customer Service Team to review your request and provide instructions for return/replacement.

Requirements for Returns:

  • Must have a valid purchase order number provided by Patchworks. (All purchases made outside of must contact the seller on their platform)
  • Replacements or exchanges only valid for product ordered. Every order requires its own RMA Request; requests are tied to each order number and tracked per customer.
  • Returns must be shipped 100% complete in original condition, including box, packaging material, and accessories provided by the manufacturer; arrival in less than new condition may result in the assessment of a minimum $5.00 USD restocking fee, totaling up to the entire product cost.
  • If return is not quality/defect related, return shipping will be at buyer’s expense. Patchworks US covers return shipping for defective items only.
  • We recommend adding a tracking number/delivery confirmation method on returned packages to ensure your return item(s) are delivered safely. Patchworks US will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged items on return shipping. Please provide the tracking number for your return to the customer service representative handling your claim via email.
  • Gift cards or coupons are non-refundable.
  • Shipping and handling charges will not be refunded, except when required by Marketplace policy, or when a return is made due to a manufacturing flaw or defect.
  • SALE AND PROMOTIONAL ITEMS, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, will not be eligible for returns, exchanges, and/or warranty claims.


Limited Warranty

Patchworks US offers a Limited Warranty on all Patchworks US products sold by authorized dealers within the United States. Patchworks US products purchased from unauthorized distributors or resellers, including authorized resellers outside the United States, are not covered under this Limited Warranty. Certain Patchworks products may have different warranties, which will be stated in the product’s accompanying warranty policy where applicable.

Patchworks US Limited Warranty is only valid for products that are considered defective. Defective units are defined as those exhibiting imperfections or flaws produced by a manufacturing error. Examples of manufacturing flaws may include missing components, marks or blemishes that are a part of the item and affect the appearance of the case or accessory while in use, cracks, dents, or other cosmetic damage discovered upon delivery of the item, and other such flaws affecting the form and function of the product not resulting from use, misuse, or natural wear and tear. Accidental drops, installation failures, normal wear and tear, and other damage or defects caused by the buyer are not covered under this warranty. Product failures determined to have occurred as the result of manufacturing defects or quality control issues after the 30-day returns period may be approved for Warranty Replacement at the sole discretion of Patchworks US customer service personnel. Determination of validity for all warranty claims will be made by Patchworks US Customer service personnel, whose decisions are to be considered final. We reserve the right to deny warranty claims at our sole discretion.

Patchworks US Limited Warranty will include ONE replacement per order and does not include shipping & handling, except where the claim is due to a manufacturing defect reported within 30 days of purchase. All replacement items under this warranty will be packaged in a brand-new online package. Online packages are not repackaged, reconditioned, or refurbished units, but brand-new products packaged for a non-retail store.

Patchworks US reserves the right to replace, repair, and recondition products. If items under warranty are discontinued, Patchworks US reserves the right to substitute the discontinued product with a similar or better item. Replacements under this warranty will be granted only while supplies last. If an item and all similar products have gone out of production, replacements may be denied at our discretion. Claims made for defective purchases on Amazon Canada may be eligible for refunds/partial refunds at our discretion, though no warranty replacements will be shipped outside the United States, and no refunds will be issued in lieu of a physical product replacement to US customers.

For claims under our Limited Warranty, please follow the Return/Exchange instructions above.

Thank you for being a valued Patchworks US customer.

- Patchworks US

*All terms and conditions subject to change under sole discretion of Patchworks/Hamee US, Corp. Last Update: December 2018